Sample Functional Resume

What's on this page?

  • Links to sample functional resume for different careers
  • Links to examples for different skill levels
  • Links to the main page for how to write a resume
  • Links to example cover letters and the main page for how to write a great cover letter

Example Resumes

It seems everyone is looking for a sample functional resume, and here are several! Feel free to look at as many of the resume examples as you want!

I'm going to give you several samples. Some samples are for different professions. Some of the most popular web searches are for sample resumes for nurses and teachers so I have those as well as a few others. I also have examples of resumes for different skill levels. So take a peek at a resume for a high school student seeking a summer job or a business person looking to climb the corporate ladder.

A gateway of links

This page is basically a gateway of links into the samples as well as the pages for learning how to write resumes and cover letters. Please look at several of them, as they are not all formatted the same. You might find helpful information in one of them, but a format you like better in another.

Links to Sample Resumes

These are resumes that I designed myself. I like their design, obviously, but they don't represent any real people. Keep checking back, I will continue to add more.

Resume 1- Math/Science teacher secondary level

Resume 2- First Job Resume

Links to actual resumes

These are resumes from actual people. I have redacted them so you can't see any of their personal information. I have included my personal analysis of each resume, what I like about it, and what I think could be improved about each one.

These are real resumes from people applying to teach elementary school at a private Christian Academy.

Also, when you're through looking at the resume samples, head on over to check out the sample cover letters.

And don't forget the pages about how to write a fantastic cover letter.

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