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  • Example of a first job resume
  • An explanation to point out helpful items
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An explanation for this resume

This is an example of a resume for a high school student. You might think, this girl doesn't have a lot of experience for her resume... and you'd be right! She has obviously not been working at very many formal jobs before this one. But everyone has to start somewhere right? When you make your first job resume you might not have a lot of put on it at first.

This simple format is a good one for someone with not a lot of experience. I made the font a little bigger, and put the bullet points a little further toward the center of the page. It makes the page look fuller but it still leaves some white space so the resume doesn't look too cluttered.

Notice that even though Samantha didn't have a lot of job experience, she still put down some of her volunteer experience. If you don't have a lot of job experience, check out my page for using volunteer experience on your resume.

Notice once again that this resume has the name front and center. That's the first thing you want your future employer to see and all of the sample resumes on this website will display it like that.

Everyone has to write their first resume sometime. Your first resume is a good starting point for you to break into the professional world. This is a good time to make sure you only use those professional email addresses. Please... I don't want to see any "" email addresses. Stick with your name.

More links

Once again, check out my pages about writing a resume.

Also, once you're done with your resume you should take a look at my pages for how to create a great cover letter... and my sample cover letters.

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