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What's on the page?

  • Example of a good resume for a teacher
  • An explanation for why you should consider formatting your resume like this one
  • Most of the places and names on these sample resumes are fictional

Teacher Resume

This resume is for a teacher. Let me tell you what I love about it! Like all the resume writing examples you'll see on this website, it has the name of the applicant front and center. I like that it's formatted with some white space so it doesn't seem too overwhelming to the eye, yet it still has plenty of information. I love the columns. You might even be able to format it a little better by using an invisible table in word to make the columns straighter.

It should be noted that I made up most of the names on this resume. Most of them aren't real.

This format is my favorite of all the examples you'll see on this website. Actually, this format is the format I used for my own resume and I modeled this pretend resume after my own. I am a teacher, after all, and I worked at summer camp during my college days.
Since I started making this website I've been exposed to many other different kinds of formatting for resumes. I would be open to trying some line breaks and text boxes to add even a little more interest to this resume.
But, having said that, I still really like this one. It's simple. And I like simple. Simple doesn't have to mean boring. I think this resume does it's job of moving the eye down the paper without seeming overwhelming or sparse.

Of all the resumes I've seen this one does the best job of getting all the information in there without looking cluttered. It looks professional and concise. I think it would go wonderfully with a well-made cover letter. You could always add in a few cool looking things like line breaks or text boxes. I like those things too. Just make sure you don't get so carried away with formatting that you forget the original intent of a resume: to show off your skills and experience. You'll have to play with tables or columns to make the dates and headings line up with all the resume information, but I think it's worth it in the end. Your resume will look more attractive than it's cluttered-up competitors and hopefully that will give you a slight edge in the job-hunting game.

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