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What's on this Page?

  • How to make resume success using a step-by-step guide
  • Links to other pages with more detailed information for each section
  • Links to other pages on the site that will help you as you write your resume

We'll start by giving you an overview of each step to writing your resume. You can click the links on each step for a more detailed discussion of how to do it.

Don't worry! I'll walk you through each step.

The Title

Step one: Step one to make resume success is, of course, YOU! You'll start by creating a title that draws the reader's eye right to you. Make it big, bold, and central and put your contact information under it. Click here for more information on creating a Resume Title.

The Objective

Step two: Write an objective or a statement of intent. This should have two elements. Name the specific position you are applying for, then some kind of more general goal. Click here for more information on writing your objective.

The Education Section

Step three: Start with writing the Education section. You will want to include all your education and credentials, as well as any education you are currently receiving. Click here for more information on writing the education section.

Experience Section

Step four: When you make resume success you should list your past experience. This section tells your future employer what experiences you have that would help you in the position you're applying for. This includes, but is not limited to, previous jobs. Click here for more information on writing your experience section if you have very little experience to include. Or Click here for information on writing the experience section if you have previous employment experience to include.


Step five: is the skills section. This is where you list the qualities you posses that make you the right candidate for the job! Click here for more information about writing your skills.


Step six: is, of course, the dreaded formatting and editing. Now you need to format it so that it looks attractive and professional. It is very important that your resume not look cluttered or amateur. But other people dread it... you don't have to! Click here for some basic formatting techniques and editing.

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