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About me. Have I always been helping people write resumes? No. I was a High-School English teacher until the birth of my second child, a son. After he was born I learned that it was extremely difficult to teach and be a great mom so I quit my job to stay home. After I quit my job I began to look for another way to make some money.

That's when my friend introduced me to SBI. SBI stands for Solo Build It and it helped me begin the process that has culminated in this website. All through my adult life my friends and family have asked me help them make resume and cover letters. So one day I thought to myself, why don't I make a place on the internet to help other people who need help? I have always wished there was a really credible source on the internet for resumes and cover letters. Getting your resume, cover letter, and interview right are so important for helping people take that step into employment and self-sufficiency.

So with SBI's help I was able to create this website that I sincerely hope will help you and your loved ones as they work toward getting that ever-elusive perfect job.

If you are interested in creating a website to earn money from home or to enrich the world with quality information about a subject you are familiar with then I would highly recommend SBI. It has many tools and information about how to build a website. When I started out I knew nothing about it and SBI taught me not just how to do it but how to be successful as well as providing me with extremely valuable tools.

Click here to check out the SBI Website. There you will find more information about how to use your particular skills to build a website and make money from home.

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