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  • A link to several sample resume teacher examples. 
  • These sample resumes are real and have been redacted to keep personal information private
  • My thoughts on each resume

Sample Resume Teacher

These resumes I got from a Christian school that was advertising for a 5th and 6th grade teaching position. Some are better than others. I'll give each one of them a short review and then you can look at the resume itself.

Just graduated from College

What I like about this resume:
It's simple and uncluttered. It moves your eye down the page without making you feel overwhelmed.

What could be improved about this resume:
It's just a little too boring. If I were to remake this resume I would add columns or bullet points or something to spice it up a bit. There's nothing on this resume to really capture the attention of an employer.

A Bit too Cluttered

What I like about this resume:
This resume is an improvement over the previous one because at least it's interesting. Ms. A put her name in big letters at the top of the page. Points for that. She managed to get a lot of information onto one page. Points for that too. I don't usually like resumes that go longer than one page.

What could be improved about this resume:
My problem with it is that it's a little too cluttered. It leaves me feeling vaguely overwhelmed. Don't look at the details, just step back and look at the thing as a whole. Doesn't it give you a sense that you don't really want to read it because the words are just crammed on there?

If I were to redesign this resume I would leave out the bottom portion where she tells her employer how much she loves her cats and give the whole resume some white space. Also, I would get rid of the "advertisement" column to the left of the document. She might be able to incorporate the scripture text into her objective, but the other stuff could easily be put into letters of recommendation, or the employer could just call the references and get firsthand recommendations.

Remember to incorporate some white space into your resume. Otherwise it looks cluttered, intimidating, and overwhelming to an employer.

Too many formatting errors

What I like about this resume:
Actually, there's a lot to like about this resume. The use of frames and text boxes gives it an attractive overall look. There's enough white space to make it manageable, but not so much that it looks empty or sparse. This guy has a lot of experience teaching. You can see from his impressive list that he has taught many grade levels in several different areas of the US and some abroad.

What could be improved about this resume:
There are some pretty glaring formatting errors. He should find a way to ensure that all the dates line up in his columns for previous job experience. A simple tab system should clear that up. Also, you might notice that some of his words run outside of the text box at the end of the line. Therefore some of the words are cut off. Also, the text boxes don't always line up in the right places, so some of the information is listed in the wrong box.

His resume is two pages, which, with someone who has as much experience as he does might be ok, but he got all his experience done with at the beginning with his simple, yet effective listing technique. So what is the rest of the resume for? He has an entire paragraph at the end devoted to what his four children are doing and what he and his wife are doing, as well as his view of his personal religious views. Aside from being proud of his four adult children, I'm not sure what relevance they have to the position he is applying for. Also his wife's personal sacrifice to teach kindergarten is admirable but irrelevant. His religious views might be relevant to the position, but that sort of thing is best left to the interview questions or perhaps the cover letter rather than the resume itself.

If I were going to redesign this resume I would obviously fix all of the formatting errors. I would get rid of the paragraph at the end and juggle with text boxes and columns to see if I could fit the whole thing on one page.

These sample resume teacher resumes are interesting to look at. You can learn lots about how to format your resume by looking at a sample resume teacher that has good and bad aspects. When you're done writing yours then it will be perfect!

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