Employers: How to make resume choices

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  • How to make resume decisions as you gaze at that stack of applications
  • What questions to ask in an interview
  • What questions to avoid asking in an interview
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As an employer you have to make resume decisions. There, in front of you is a stack of resumes. How do you chose the right one? What questions should you ask in an interview?

This is the page for you! On this page I have links to several of my own pages on this site that can help you as you make your decision. I can also direct you to a few other websites that could be helpful to you as you hire employees and in other areas as well.

Obviously, every employer is looking for a different set of skills and abilities, but for the most part all employers are looking for a person with a certain character.

What questions should you ask in an interview?

I have a whole list of excellent interview questions. Remember, when you're interviewing that the best kinds of interview questions ask a candidate to relate an experience rather than state a philosophy. It's easy to say that you get along well with others or that you are excellent at receiving criticism, but it's harder to fabricate an experience on the spot. Instead of asking, "How do you react to criticism?" ask, "Tell of a time you received criticism in the workplace and how to responded to it." For a great list of interview questions click here.

Questions you shouldn't ask in an interview:

Have you ever worried you'd ask the wrong kind of questions in an interview? Some questions are against the law and some are just plain none of your business. This page has a list of illegal or unethical questions to ask in an interview. You might want to brush up as you prepare for the interview.

Other helpful links:

If you're looking to hire a Business Copywriter and have questions about the process, or need a good reference I highly recommend reading´╗┐ this interview of Maria Pease of freelance-writing-success.com.

If you're interested in getting a quality ID badge system or any related products check out www.choosing-id-card-printers.com.

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