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Resume Cover Letter Samples

It can be hard to find reliable information about cover letters on the internet. That's because writing a cover letter really has to be specific to the individual writing it and the job they are applying for. However, here at this site I can give you some basic outlines that would be a good place to start.

Why can't I just use a cover letter template?

Are you applying for a job at a church or christian school or hospital? In that case it might be appropriate to have a few sentences expressing your belief in God or your particular religious views. But if you were applying to work at a computer tech company a discussion of your religious views would not be relevant to the job and therefore should be left out. Likewise, a detailed discussion of your technical expertise in computer programming might be important for that type of job, but if you're applying to American Eagle as a cashier it would be better to leave that information out.

As you can see, everyone's cover letter will look different, which is why templates often fall short. 

Likewise, you might have a special talent for leadership or organization. You can mention it on your resume but it might be a good idea to give more detail in your cover letter. Or perhaps you have a story that illustrates your skill or experience in a certain area. The cover letter is the perfect place for things like that.

But all this just goes to illustrate why it's so hard to find good information about cover letters. It's because they are so specific to the person writing and the job they are applying for.

Basic outline for a cover letter

If you want more information about how to write your own cover letter then check out my pages about writing cover letters here.

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Just like my sample resume page this page is pretty much a collection of links that will lead you to some resume cover letter samples. There will be samples from different jobs as well as different skill levels. Keep checking back here because I'll continue to add more samples as my site grows.

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