Making a Resume Title

What's on this Page?

  • When making a resume, your title should include your name in big bold letters.
  • Underneath that should be all your relevant contact information.
  • Be careful to keep your contact information professional.

Your Name

Step one to making a resume is, of course, you! The very first
thing a person sees when looking at your resume is your name,
in big bold letters at the very top of the page.

Type your name as you would normally see it on an official document.

You can use your middle name or a middle initial, or just your first and last name. You'll have to decide what you think is the most professional for making your functional resume.

Your Contact Information

Underneath your name you should have, in much smaller type, your address, email address, and phone number. You can also include any other contact information, such as a website if that applies.

Things You Should NOT Put in the Title

However, and I hope this goes without saying, you should NOT put your facebook, myspace, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube accounts. You want your employer to view you as a professional and there are very few facebook accounts that give off an air of professionalism!

Also, a word about email addresses. These days, especially for young people, it is popular to use an email address as a way to express yourself. This practice is perfectly fine if you are using the email address to email friends or to tie to a social networking site.

However, email addresses such as: pink.fairy.goddess, angrydominican, gothgirl, animefanatic, and are best left for using only casually.

My Personal Experience

I myself made this mistake when I wrote my first resume. My email address was: littlelaughingluna. I actually put that on my resume!

Amazingly, I was hired, but my boss poked endless fun at me for turning in a professional resume with such a preposterous email address on it. Don't make my mistake!

If you have an email address like this then good! Keep it and use it for emailing your friends and family. There's nothing wrong with expressing yourself! But for your professional resume, create a simple email address with your name in it such as: john.doe or doe.john or john.a.doe. Keep it simple and easy to remember. It's not boring... it's professional!

To Sum Up

So, just to recap, when you're making a resume your name should be in big bold letters at the top and center of the page. Then, underneath, in smaller font, put your mailing address, professional email address, and telephone numbers, and any other relevant contact information.

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