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So what are employers looking for? Of course, different jobs require different skill sets and every boss is different. Different employers will be working for different things in a candidate. But there are some things that are pretty much the same. As you write a cv, think about these attributes.


Unless you're doing something illegal (hopefully not!) your boss will want you to be an honest person. My grandma used to tell me, "If you lie one time out of 100 then I can still never trust you because I never know which time is the one and which time is the 99." It's not exactly slogan material, but my grandma is right. Even one lie can erode trust for a long time in any relationship, personal or professional. If you are in the habit of lying, even a little, now is the time to stop.

When I was working in a restaurant as a teenager our manager had only one key to the liquor closet. It was my job (and my co-workers) to restock the alcohol refrigerator at closing time. The managers would always give a very detailed list of what we could take and then they would monitor us as we took out each item, checking us as we went. After I worked there for only a few weeks the managers would just hand me the key and let me stock it by myself. My co-workers were never given that chance. They used to grumble about it but the truth was that the managers trusted me not to steal. You can't buy that kind of trust. It has to be earned. Be the kind of person who would deserve that key.


Integrity is related to trust. It means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Even when you know you won't be caught. Employers want to know they have employees who will do the right thing because it's the right thing and not because they're afraid of being caught.


Many jobs require contact with customers. Obviously, being friendly is important in jobs where you interact with the customers but it's just as important to be friendly to your co-workers. Are you grumpy in the morning? Do you tend to be preoccupied when people are trying to communicate? Are you unapproachable? Work on those things. Practice being friendly to the checker at the grocery store or the mailman when he delivers your package.


Every employer wants an organized employee. Whether you're a file clerk or the company manager it's important to be organized and keep a neat workspace. If you struggle with organization then think of ways to compensate. Use your smartphone to keep track of your schedule. Keep a small notebook in your pocket or purse to write down notes of things to remember. Set an alarm to remind yourself to clean your desk at least once a day.

Reliable and Punctual

For heaven's sake, show up to work when you're supposed to. If you have a deadline, meet it. If you have an assignment, complete it. Don't be late. Don't skip work. Don't call in sick unless you're actually sick. Be reliable.


Don't spend your time checking your Facebook or watching YouTube videos at work. Don't take long personal calls (or any personal calls depending on your job). Keep on task. Check off that list. When you're at work... work!

There are many other attributes that will be important to employers in different fields, but these apply in almost all jobs. If you're having trouble finding a job work on these things. And then when you get a job your employer will be doubly impressed with you!

Some things to think about as you write cv.

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