Cover Letter Second Paragraph: with sample cover letters

What's on this Page?

  • There are sample cover letters at the end of this page
  • The second paragraph should explain why you are perfect for this job
  • This is the time to use personal stories or experiences to expand on what your resume already says about you

Why you are perfect for this specific job

This second paragraph should have any information about you that you want to share. This is where you really get to open up and tell your future employer exactly why YOU should get the job. Expand on your skills here. Give a couple of real-life examples. Tell them why this job appeals specifically to you. And why you are perfect for this specific job. It is your intention to make your interviewer believe that you and this job were made for each other.

Use specific examples

In order to be as brief as possible, and to cover a lot of information without a lot of space in your resume, you are unable to really expand on your skills or experience, and you aren't able to give personal examples. That's part of what the cover letter is for. It gives you the opportunity to briefly cite some personal examples or experience that will best highlight your skills.

Doing your research

You should do some research about the company you are applying to. What are their corporate goals? What are their specific job needs? What are they looking for in an employee? If you know these things you already have an advantage over your competitors. Spend a little time looking at the company website, or even better, talking to someone you know who already works there.

Some second paragraphs from sample cover letters

Sample cover letters example 1

Although my specialty is in dental hygiene, I have always been impressed by how keeping your teeth clean is related to a larger whole-body health goal. Your slogan, "Kaiser Permanente: Thrive" appeals to me because I believe that I shouldn’t just teach people oral health, but use oral health as a springboard for a discussion on whole body health. In my previous job I often found myself discussing smoking, diet, exercise, pregnancy, obesity, stress, and high-blood pressure as well as many other topics. Obviously these topics affect the teeth and gums, but more importantly, they address the deeper issue of overall wellness that is the goal of my work as a hygienist. I have always had a talent for teaching and instructing others and I believe that Kaiser Permanente is the perfect place for me to utilize that talent. I can teach my patients how to be healthier people while I clean their teeth, and I can easily refer them to other medical professionals within the Kaiser community who can help them with some of their larger medical concerns. In a word, "Thrive" encompasses my own personal goal for how I would like to help my patients. I would like them to really and truly "Thrive."

Why is this paragraph so good?

This person mentioned her special skill for teaching and instructing others. She mentioned the job and the company specifically and explained how her own goals lined up with the goals of the company perfectly. She gave some examples of how she used her skills in a previous job. This is a beautiful example of a second paragraph for a cover letter.

Sample cover letters example 2

Many of my fellow students left school for the summer and went to look for "just any" job. But I knew that I wanted a job that was both challenging and fulfilling for me. I have always had an eye for fashion and I have a knack for making people feel good about themselves. Working at American Eagle as a sales associate would be the perfect fit for my summer job. I could use my skills to generate sales for American Eagle, and challenge myself to have even better people skills, as well as learning how to manage a cash register and any other skills required for the job. I am a quick learner and love a new challenge.

Why is this paragraph good?

This person may not be getting the career he as always dreamed of, obviously he's still in school and is only looking for a summer job. But he decided to go for a job that would complement his skills and challenge him to learn more skills to build his resume. Imagine how much more impressive his resume will be next summer when he can say that he knows how to manage a store, run a cash register, and any other skills he picks up while he works there. He mentions his skills and how they can best be used to the advantage of his future employer.

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