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These basic tips can really make an impact

It can be intimidating to go to a job interview. Many people don't know what employers are looking for. You would be surprised at how many people don't know many of these simple tips that will impress employers. Most of these tips are small ways to show your employer that you are both professional and confident. Both your appearance and the way you carry yourself should display an air of confidence and professionalism. These tips will help you as you prepare and arrive at your interview. I also have information that will help you prepare for the actual interview questions and the follow-up after the interview. Make sure to check out those pages as well!

Here's some tips

  • Be 10 to 15 minutes early to your interview. Don’t be any earlier than that, you don’t want to wait around awkwardly.
  • Under no circumstances should you EVER be late. Ever. Most bosses take punctuality extremely seriously and you might be disqualified before they ever meet you!
  • Wear professional clothing appropriate for the position you are applying for, or above. If you are a female, applying for a job as a cashier at Sizzler, for example, wear a nice blouse and slacks. If you are applying as an office manager for a larger business then a suit might be more appropriate.
  • When you meet your future employer, look her in the eye. Shake hands firmly, but not aggressively.
  • Speak up. Introduce yourself. Smile.
  • Think, in advance, of possible interview questions they may ask you. Think of possible confident responses. There are some sample questions here to help you prepare.
  • If they ask an unexpected question, don’t panic! Ask for a minute to think. Pause. Collect your thoughts. Don’t just blurt out the first thing that comes to you.
  • Don't try to make yourself seem like a god. You aren't perfect, and your employer knows it. If you try to make yourself seem unbelievably amazing then your employer will assume you aren't telling the whole truth.

For more job interview tips check out my common interview questions page.

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