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Do I need a thank you note?

Many people often ask me, should I write an interview thank you note? The answer is usually yes. You write it for the same reason that you write a cover letter, to make yourself stand out. Also, it shows the employer that your interest in the job is serious and it shows them that you are polite and professional enough to write an interview thank you letter.

Your letter should be sent very soon after your interview. Within two days is about right.

What does a thank you note do?

Your thank you letter should do the following things:

  • Show that you are grateful for the interview
  • Show your continued interest in the position
  • Reiterate your skills or mention any skills you might have missed discussing in the interview
  • Give any additional information that the employer might have requested during the interview

What format should it be sent in?

There are three ways to send an interview thank you note. Email, typed hard copy, or handwritten hard copy. When you send thank you notes for receiving gifts or services from friends and family it is more appropriate to handwrite them, but for an interview I would suggest a typed hard copy. It tends to look more professional when it is typed.

There are times when it would be more appropriate to send an email as a thank you. If you have done your primary correspondence through email, for example. Also, if the employer has specifically told you that she prefers email, or if you know that she is leaving town for a few days and won't be there to receive a hard copy thank you note.

How should it be written?

  • Put the name and address of the person you are addressing at the top of the page, in a formal style.
  • Always begin by saying thank you for the interview. That is what a thank you note is for after all.
  • Second, without being pushy, reiterate your interest in the position.
  • Elaborate briefly on your skills if you missed any, or just as a reminder
  • Note your enclosure of any additional information they may have requested
  • Include your contact information again
  • Thank them again in closing

Sample 1

This person is trying to get a job as an office assistant at a University. Here is his thank you letter.

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