Free Sample Cover Letters

This page has some free sample cover letters for you to look at as you begin the process of writing your own. Remember that cover letters tend to be very specific to the person writing them and the job they are applying for. But that doesn't mean you can't get some good ideas from looking at a basic outline and from looking at these samples. Keep checking back because I will continue to add more sample cover letters as this site continues to grow.

Sample New Grad Nurse

The first sample I have here is for a nurse who is a new graduate. It can be very difficult for new graduates to find jobs in the field of nursing in this economy. As a matter of fact, it can be hard for new graduates in almost any field to find jobs. This person used her cover letter to address the issue head on. First of all she listed some of her volunteer nursing experience and secondly she asserted both her qualifications and her passion for nursing. She assured the interviewer that he would not regret hiring her. Overall this is a very good cover letter.

Sample Teacher Cover Letter

This second sample is for a teacher. I like teachers. I am a teacher. So I know that many of my samples are about teachers. I will continue to add more and more resumes and free sample cover letters as I continue to build this web site. keep checking back to find more and more samples from different professions.

This cover letter is short and simple. It doesn't spend a lot of time elaborating on this man's skills. Sometimes that is necessary in a cover letter but this teacher felt that this time it would only be necessary to explain his background and highlight his passion for the types of students he would be likely to teach in that school. Notice that he does underline his experience. A school in a disadvantaged neighborhood like that would be looking for teachers with experience. He also mentions that he has researched the school and he commends them for the way they have managed to provide a quality education despite the lack of funding that schools of that type often struggle with. It is ALWAYS good to do some research on the company you are applying to. Know what they're looking for and be able to talk with them competently about their company goals and objectives. This will help you as you make your cover letter and as you interview.

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